The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Survival Knife

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Survival Knife

If anyone going to the trekking or a trip to the forests, then they needed a perfect survival knife to protect them from the danger. As compared to all other types of the survival tools, the survival knives have become very popular and widely used by all the travelers. The following is an excellent survival knife guide to choose the best one which suits your different survival activities.

Defining A Good Survival Knife

The following are a list of features from the best survival knife and you should have to consider everything to select the right knife for you.

  • Brand

  • Tang

  • Steel

  • Edge

  • Blade

  • Handle

  • Grind

  • Fixed or folding

  • Sheath

  • Bushcraft

All of these features should be considered by each and every buyer in order to pick a right choice of the survival knife for all your regarding activities.

Explanation of the different necessary features:

  • Knife brand

When it comes to the purchase of the survival knives, everyone should need to consider the top brands of the knives to enjoy the extraordinary features.

  • Steel

The most popular and the best options of the steels used in the high quality survival knives include stainless steel, carbon steel or also the combo steel.

  • Knife tang

You can have partial tang, full tang, through tang, rat tail tang, hallow handle and also etc. if you are choosing the survival knives with the hallow handles, they really look greater in appearance and also to do the different activities.

  • Blade

While choosing a right blade for your best survival knife, there are usually 10 different factors to be considered such as blade geometry, design, thickness, length, ease of sharpening, type of steel, robustness, edge retention, weight and also the edge type whether it has serrated edge or plain edge.

  • Knife cutting edge

There are both straight edge and also the combination edge available. If you are choosing the combination edge, it has a perfect combination of the straight edge and also serrated edge.

  • Knife grinds

The best choice of knife grinds for the survival knifes are usually sabre, convex and also scandi.

  • Sheath

The sheath is also the main consideration while choosing the best survival knife. According to the survival knife guide, you must choose the robust choice of the sheath which can be easily changed as per your needs.

  • Handle

In order to choose the most comfortable handle in your survival knife, you should consider both design and size. The hand size of the knife can dramatically vary between the various people in order to provide the massive range of comfortable to everyone.

  • Fixed or folding knife?

As compared to the folding knife, the fixed blade survival knife is one and only the robust choice to everyone.

All the buyers should have to consider this online guide to choose the most suitable choice of survival knife for all your survival activities.

Complete Guide to Samurai Swords

Complete Guide to Samurai Swords

Samurai Swords are famous worldwide and one of the most common name by which these swords are known is katana. Some other popular forms are kodachi, chokutu, tachi, odachi, uchigatana etc. These swords had a really special place in the life of samurais and are an integral part of the Japanese culture. These swords represent the culture of Japan to a great extent and were used by the samurais of ancient as well as feudal Japan. Generally katana swords have a really long grip and can accommodate both the hands without any difficulty. The appearance is distinctive and the curved shape is commendable. It is featured with a single edged blade that comes with a squared or circular guard.

A general discussion about the Samurai Swords

The Samurai Swords are usually very long and their length is usually greater than 60cms. If you will trace the Japanese tradition then you will realize the fact that samurais not just kept one sword but they had a combination of many other swords as well. The katana was the longer sword and it was usually paired with the wakizashi. This traditional pairing represented samurai culture and depicted great pride and social status.

The history associated with Samurai Swords

The Samurai Swords have been used since ages. The earliest usage was seen during the periods 1185 to 1333. These swords are best suited for close combat warfare and can be drawn very quickly. The response timing of these swords is very short and one can strike the enemy in a single motion. As times progressed the blade of samurai swords witnessed different lengths. Earlier these were as long as 70 centimeters and then the length was reduced to 60 centimeters. But after sometime the average length was again restored to around 73 centimeters. These swords are very effective and the sharpness and cutting quality is simply unprecedented. Samurai swords are known on a global level for their absolute class and are the first choice because of incredible features.

The phase witnessed by Samurai Swords

The journey of samurai swords began from Japan and people all over the world fell in love with these swords. During the Meiji period the samurais were not allowed to carry the swords and the usage was restricted to police officers and military officials. But when World War II initiated then again the demand for samurai swords was on a massive rise. After the war many of these swords were taken back and destroyed. As far as the present day is concerned you can find modern samurai swords that are crafted with immense perfection, using the best quality materials.

The exceptional features of these swords

Samurai Swords are made from superior quality steel and the embedding is done in a layered form. Thus, several layers of steels are combined together that have different carbon concentrations. All the impurities are removed to increase the sharpness and quality of steel blade. Samurai swords depict excellent curvature and the perfect finishing can be obtained by a trained sword smith only. Once the blade forging process is over the sword is polished in an unparalleled manner. Sometimes just the polishing alone takes around 2 to 3 weeks of time. The final result is superb looking and incredibly featured samurai sword.

Some points that you must know about these swords

Earlier samurai swords were kept by warriors and for military operations. In the current times its use is seen in performing arts, martial arts and various other forms of training. It is important that such swords must be stored and maintained in the right manner otherwise they may get damaged and may become irreparable. The sword should be kept in a proper position and the blade should be oiled, powdered and polished from time to time. All these basic things will help in maintaining long life of the sword and its performance will remain unaffected for many years to come in future.

Why these swords are loved by all?

Samurai swords are a real pride. These have always been the first choice of warriors and are known for their exceptional features. The cutting ability is simply outstanding and they are magnificent to look at. These are battle ready swords that are crafted by experienced sword smiths. It takes a lot of time as well as efforts to produce a samurai sword. A lot of work goes into creating each layer of blade and the finishing is beyond words. If you always wished to own a samurai sword then you will get the best information in coming paragraphs.

The way you can buy such swords

When one thinks of buying the samurai sword then the main problem that arises is how to decide the source. There are not many sword smiths in the marketplace who will sell you samurai swords. Only highly skilled sword smiths know how to make a samurai sword. You may even get fooled and buy a duplicate item which is nowhere close to the original samurai sword.

The solution for this problem is that you should search the online medium for buying such swords. There are some genuine companies that sell samurai swords through the online platform. You can see the offerings and the listed specifications. You will see many choices in this segment. After going through the images as well as specifications of such swords you can easily choose the best one as per your specific needs. These swords are manufactured using the latest technology and very high quality steel. The craftsmanship of experienced sword smiths is visible in such swords.

Easiness of availing the online purchase facility

The entire process of placing the order is very simple. You have to choose the sword you like and add it to the cart. Then choose the payment option and make the payment. You will get the sword in perfect packaging before the promised deadline. The features, as well as prices of different samurai swords, are different. See your budget and the specifications you need, and then place the order from


Having a samurai sword is a matter of prestige. Be it the military training, performing arts, martial arts or any other specialized purpose, its role can’t be underestimated. You will get the best choices for the online platform and absolute convenience is guaranteed.

Did You Know? – Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

Did You Know? – Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

Victorinox is a knife manufacturer company that is well known for its Swiss Army knives. It is based in the town of Ibach, in the Canton of Schwyz, Switzerland. Victorinox manufactures their Swiss Army knives out of Swedish steel in Sandvik. In the year 1884, the company was founded by Karl Elsner who was at the time a company owner that makes surgical equipment. His revolutionary idea to manufacture a compact knife with a wide array of tools with practical functions made the success of Victorinox well-known Swiss Army knives, more details are available at

Swiss Army Knife

The company’s founder, Karl Elsner, has dreamed of creating a knife that is portable and suitable for an army officer. With this in mind, having a background in making surgical equipment, he succeeded with by the attached tools that are located at the sides of a knife’s handle. Their speciality is the spring mechanism was used to make this possible, which was a great innovation at that time.

The company has delivered knives to the Swiss Army since 1891. The company’s emblem is a cross in a shield, which can be found in all their manufactured knives. This emblem has been used by Victorinox since 1909. That year the company was named in honour of the founder’s late mother named “Victoria” who passes away that year. Later on in 1921 when they started to use stainless steel to create the knives it added the word “inox” to its name. The word “inox” is the abbreviation of the term French for a stainless steel – Acier inoxydable. With the combination of the two names, the company became known as Victorinox.Swiss Army Knife

The company is well known for its famous product- Swiss Army knife. This product has been widely used around the world ever since it was founded. The knife usually comes with a red handle and equipped with the main knife and several other tools on the side. The company has evolved throughout the years, and many models produced Swiss Army knives. Each different models came in different in colours, sizes, shapes and equipped with an array of different tools. The knife usually has red as its main handle colour, and as time passed the company added other colours to its traditional red, black is among the popular ones.

Swiss Army knives come in different sizes, making it more comfortable and easier to handle. They differ in thickness, and weight gave the number of tools available. Swiss Army knives have an at least two or more tools available aside from the blade. The most common tools being present aside from the blade is a corkscrew and bottle opener. Useful tools added to the knife are; scissors, wood saw, screwdriver, tweezers, and more. Different models are equipped with tools depending on the user, some models have more tools than others, and some have less, but despite this, it never loses its functionality.

The Swiss Army knives came from the great company Victorinox. This revolutionary product is an example of human innovation and has proven to be a useful tool for basic daily tasks.

5 Tips for Choosing the Ideal Family Campsite

5 Tips for Choosing the Ideal Family Campsite

When taking the kids camping, the location and setup of your campsite will impact almost every aspect of your trip. Here are five tips to remember for choosing and setting up your family’s campsite.

1. Ask about family sections. Many campgrounds are divided into sections designated family sections and non-family sections. The family sections generally have earlier quiet hours, more restrictive rules about alcohol, and less rowdy campers. If you have young children, the family sections are the way to go – unless you WANT your children to see Hillbilly Bob sing karaoke at midnight in his girlfriend’s underwear.

2. Bathrooms are important. If you’re taking young kids camping, favor campgrounds that have running water and flushable toilets. Some campgrounds blend the best of both worlds, where they have full-service bathrooms in their regular sections, but also have rustic sections, that are deeper in the woods without electricity. This is ideal for people who want the full camping experience, but still want to be able to take their kids to a clean bathroom, even the bathroom is a bit of a walk away.

3. Scope out playground locations before choosing your campsite. Many campgrounds have playgrounds. If you’re taking small kids camping, consider choosing a campsite near the playground. Personally, I prefer to choose a site within easy walking distance of a playground, but not necessarily RIGHT next to it. Those playgrounds can get pretty noisy, which is a wonderful thing, but not around the clock if you’re looking to hear the rustle of the trees from time to time.

4. Bring an extra kiddie tent. Depending on the age of your children, you’ll probably want them sleeping in your tent, rather than on their own. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring an extra kids camping tent for them to play in and store their own kids camping gear. A little three-person dome tent is very affordable, easy to set up, and can help keep the kids from getting sand and dirt in your tent as they scamper in and out during the day. If your children are older and want to sleep in their own tent, make sure the door to their tent faces the door to your tent, so you can keep a better eye on comings and goings.

*Caution: Some campgrounds allow only one tent per site, regardless of tent-size. Before planning or pupping extra tents, you might want to check campground rules.

5. Practice setting up your tent. If you’ve never set up your tent before, set it up at home first, before you ever leave for your camping trip. This will make things go smoother at the campsite, when your children will be impatient to get into the tent, and you’ll be impatient to be done with the tent setup.